Detox Facial       $120

This is the ultimate detox treatment. This facial targets your skin concerns, and also focuses on removing any blackheads and congestion. You will then experience a burst of hydration with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage followed by a mask application. While the mask is working its magic, a nourishing foot cream will be used  to massage your legs and feet.

Refresh Me Facial  $75

The perfect pick me up for anyone who wants a deep cleanse, or just some relaxation. You can choose from a steam treatment and removal of black heads, or a neck and shoulder massage, followed by a hydrating mask and face cream.

Back Clarity        $70

Give your back a relaxing but effective detox. This treatment will begin with a sea salt back scrub that will exfoliate, hydrate and cleanse the skin. This is followed by a scalp massage and removal of the scrub using a warm towel. The treatment concludes with a nourishing back massage, using Skin Juice's green juice recovery balm.