Full Makeup Application

Our makeup artist Christina has completed several certificates in makeup artistry at academy's such as Tamarua Beauty and Melissa Sassine. She has been working as a makeup artist for the last 3 years. She has experience in bridal makeup and she uses a range of professional makeup brands. She is available every Saturday and Sunday by appointment only. 


Bridal Packages

At the salon

Trial- $100

Bride- $120- 1-1.5 hours

Bridesmaids- $80

Travel- 3 minimum

Bride- $160

Bridesmaids- $100

Group Packages minimum 3 people

At the salon

$80 per person

4 people- 10% off

5 people- 15% off

6 people- 20% off

Spray Tan and Makeup Package:

Usually $120

1 person-$110                                                                                                   

2-3 people- $105 per person. Save $15 each                           

4-5 people- $99 per person. Save $21 each  

Full Face of makeup including lashes $80

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